“What a difference a great builder can make…”

When we began the process of building a new home in Candian Lakes we decided on Todd Hylek of T.M.H. Construction. We went with Todd because of his solid, honest, and straightforward communication style. The construction phase went well and was completed on time. No delays, no surprises, no shoddy materials, and none of the angst one forsees when taking on such an important project. Credit goes to Todd for coordinating this difficult job. These folks were dependable, cooperative, helpful, and pleasant to work with. All in in all, the experience is to be considered a highlight in our lives. Todd Hylek has earned our respect and certainly our admiration as a great builder and a fine person. He made the experience so easy and enjoyable that we have no doubt that this will not be our last home-building experience.

-Harry J. Vanden Brink

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